Each collection a world of its own

Each collection a world of its own

Each collection is a world of its own. The jewelry pieces follow their own inner logic, which also only fully reveals itself to us when the collection comes together. Which lines are formative? Which themes can be found again and again? And above all: What feeling spills through the individual sketches, ideas, jewelry pieces and connects them to a larger context of meaning?



Jewelry design is a bit like breathing for us. Not because it happens automatically, but because we breathe out - slightly changed - what we breathe in. If we were at the sea, you can see that in our jewelry, if the mountains touched us, you can find that in our work, if love and all that it triggers made waves in us, you will see that in the sketches and ideas that are created as a result. We breathe in inspiration and breathe out ideas.


One challenge with ideas is that not every idea is immediately obvious. Sometimes it takes a while to bundle thoughts in such a way that a clear, complete idea emerges. Mood boards help with this. This is what we call collages of images, quotes, sketches. It can be very helpful to have everything that is buzzing through your head in front of you. And then you see it very suddenly: the direction, the tone, or just the colors. All this points the way to a new collection.


Hand sketches

Then it's back to the desk again with the impressions and findings of the mood board. We find that working with pencil on paper has an intimacy that can hardly be surpassed. It's where everything comes together. Inspiration, new ideas, and a new focus. Because at the end of the day, we want to implement everything that moves us and capture it in jewelry that not only reflects our thoughts, but also finds a place with you.

Sketches on the computer

Then it's off to the computer. We transfer everything that was created on paper into our software and work on the fine details with 3D models. Because a piece of jewelry must not only meet aesthetic standards, but also physical ones. The proportions have to be right, the statics and also the feeling of wearing. Therefore, we make technical drawings on the computer after the 3D models.


First casting of the prototypes

Now we are having the first pieces cast so that we can examine in practice what has so far been purely theoretical. In the process, we can directly determine the weaknesses and strengths of the pieces of jewelry. And that brings us back to the computer. We revise our 3D models and our technical drawings and send the revised ideas back to the foundry, where further, improved prototypes are cast, which are then polished and set with synthetic Eco diamonds.

The pictures to the jewelry

Now we already know what the collection looks like, what we want to say with it and in which world the jewelry takes place. Now we still have to capture the world of the collection in pictures, photos. For this we sit down with Anna Duschl, who has been our photographer since the first Maren Jewellery piece. With her we work out a photo concept for the shootings: Where should the shooting take place, which elements, which backgrounds will play a role, which models transport the feeling we want to achieve with our jewelry?


Names, texts, worlds

Parallel to the photos, we work on names for our jewelry. Which word captures the essence of the jewelry, where are the emotions we put into our jewelry concentrated? A creative movement that develops in parallel and with the thoughts around the photo shoot. Because in the end, we want to create a well-rounded, cohesive collection.

Photoshooting & selection of the pictures

And then we meet with photographer Anna Duschl and make-up artist Iris Martin for the shoot. We work on the perspectives, the images that can represent our jewelry, give it another level. The individual visual language of Anna Duschl and the competence of Iris Martin play a decisive role. Because every voice that is added to our jewelry makes the result richer. Finally, all that remains is to select the images that will accompany our collection and we're ready to go.


Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life -
such as about sustainable jewellery.