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Design der Lovelines Kollektion

Design of the lovelines collection

Design & Maker

Hardly anything makes us as humble as a walk through our forests. As we make our way through the centuries-old thick trunks and look up at their magnificent crowns, which have already grown several hundred meters towards the light. Her majestic presence moves us every time.

Rooted deep in the earth, they rise into the sun, defy storms and rain, snow and ice and bloom anew every summer. With their green leaves they give us air to breathe, provide shade, strengthen the soil with their roots and thus offer us and numerous other living beings a habitat.

We then gratefully ask ourselves what makes these wonders of nature so full of strength and beauty, how they can withstand tough times so robustly ? 

The growth of our love

We stand in awe in the midst of these countless centuries-old stories and suddenly feel like we are part of this powerful energy.

It is also our experiences and decisions that shape us into who we are today. We too draw strength every day from the ever-growing love for ourselves and the people around us. We suddenly see the lines that are hidden in the trunk of every tree, preserving its history, as symbolism for so much more.

The line as a symbol and how it offers us support and orientation in architecture, writings and letters. How it tells stories curvedly in the form of writing or art or underlines and highlights something special in a straight line as a stylistic element.

We are not that different from the trees. We also try to stretch ourselves towards the light as often as possible, to root ourselves in order to feel security and to grow steadily, layer by layer. For example, when we learn from mistakes, allow vulnerability or surrender to love.

Because it is especially in love that we have to show ourselves vulnerable in order to allow it and enter into a connection. Only in this way can we continue to grow within this love year after year, as individuals and together as a couple.

So if trees record their history in tree lines, isn't it a nice counterpart to immortalize the power of our love in lovelines?

they are everywhere

Maybe you don't even notice it in everyday life, but that just adds us to a whole crowd of lovelines that already exist in our lives:

> Lovelines on paper as a loving message that increases trust.

> Lovelines on the face as laugh lines that tell of exuberant, happy times..

> Lovelines in the palm of the hand in astrology, the line for feelings and the course of our love..

Our Lovelines collection

You are the author of the story of your love: wouldn't it be wonderful to capture this story for eternity and, like the tree, wear it on your body as a mosaic. We think this thought is beautiful and empowering.

That's why we have a collection pieces of jewelry created that marks your personal memories and years of growth with lines.

Decide for yourself alone or decide together which line should represent which experience, which memory and which experience in your life and in your life so far. The meaning can remain a secret or can be shared and give strength to other people.

Lovelines – as a witness to your story and your growth.

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Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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