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Lovelines Small Wedding Ring

695,00 €

incl. taxes


18k recycled yellow gold

Handmade:delivered in 3 weeks in DE


14 days return policy

B Corp & RJC certified


Inspired by the annual rings of majestic trees, the delicate lines of our Lovelines Small Wedding Ring represent all the memories of your shared history. Handcrafted from recycled 18k gold, it acts as a silent witness to your love and reflects your unique bond with every line and detail - from the initial exciting moments to the deepest bonds that exist between you.

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Width 2.7 mm / Height 1 mm Material: recycled 18 carat gold from Germany

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Every piece of Maren jewelry is designed by designer Helge Maren and handcrafted for you in Germany.

We stand for holistic sustainability, which means sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, local and fair production of high-quality, long-lasting jewelry. We also donate 3% of our profits and reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible, compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

The production and material of this piece of jewelry requires approx. 0.1 kg of CO2. We offset 100 kg of CO2 when you purchase the piece of jewelry. You save approx. 99% CO2 compared to conventionally manufactured jewelry

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Lovelines Small Wedding Ring

695,00 €

The sparkling wedding ring alternative

Maybe our Lovelines Small Wedding Ring is a little too subtle for you and you're looking for that certain something. May we introduce? Our sparkling alternative is our Lovelines Chapters wedding ring. Each of its delicate lines and each of its sparkling synthetic diamonds represents a significant memory or shining moment on your journey together so far.

Elegance for the big day: Our bridal jewelry

The long-awaited “Yes!” has been announced, the planning for your unforgettable day is in full swing and your wedding outfit is slowly taking shape. Amid all this anticipation, it's a wonderful opportunity to browse accessories. You've come to the right place if you're looking for the right bridal jewelry for you and your special day. Even if the jewelry won't play the main role, it still contributes significantly to the overall look.

Nestled gently in our ring box

An important detail of wedding preparations that is often forgotten is a suitable way to ensure that the wedding rings are safely stored and perfectly presented on the big day. A – in our opinion – beautiful and long-lasting option is our sustainable wooden ring box. Made in Germany from certified oak, with a soft felt cushion, it could be your faithful companion on the way from fiancé to happy married couple.

Frequently asked questions about the Lovelines Ring


Yes, of course all of our jewelry is insured during shipping.


Yes, our Lovelines Small Wedding Ring can of course be individually engraved .


In our journal on the topic of Green Wedding you will find further helpful tips on the topic of sustainably getting married. For example, it provides inspiration for choosing the location, catering and decoration. Feel free to take a look!

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