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Clean gold jewelry: It's easy with these tips


Your gold jewelry is a lasting, preserved memory of a precious connection, an emotional symbol of a special moment in your life. But like any valuable piece of jewelry, it also requires regular care to maintain its radiant shine. Daily wear and the effects of skin oils and cosmetics can gradually affect the shining surface of your gold.

But no need to worry! With simple methods and a little patience, you can bring your jewelry back to life in no time. Whether you opt for professional cleaning products or use tried-and-true home remedies to clean your gold – we will show you in this journal how you can easily care for your gold jewelry yourself, so it always shines like the first day.

Why does gold jewelry tarnish?

Even though pure gold does not tarnish, gold jewelry is always made from an alloy of gold and other metals such as silver or copper. These alloys are used because gold alone is too soft to be worn as jewelry. The problem: Metals like silver in the gold alloy can react with oxygen and other elements, leading to tarnishing. Read more about gold alloys in our journal.

The lower the gold content in your jewelry, the higher the likelihood that these unwanted discolorations can occur.

In high-quality alloys like 18 karat (750 gold), as we use at Maren, this effect is so significantly reduced due to the high gold content that your gold jewelry does not tarnish.

How often does your gold jewelry need care?

To keep your gold jewelry shining at its best, you should give it regular care. How often this is necessary depends on how frequently you wear it and the external influences your jewelry is exposed to. Everyday factors such as cosmetics, sweat, and environmental influences can affect the shine of your gold and lead to dullness or deposits.

A good rule of thumb is: as soon as your piece of jewelry loses its shine or the first scratches become visible, it's time for a cleaning. A professional cleaning like our reFresh service can help keep your jewelry permanently radiant and flawless. Not only is dirt removed, but small scratches are also polished out, making your gold jewelry look like new again. We would be happy to advise you on whether a cleaning is necessary or not yet.

Which home remedies are suitable for cleaning gold jewelry?

When cleaning gold jewelry, some home remedies are effective, but not suitable for all alloys. Our 18-carat recycled gold set by hand with lab diamonds is a very resistant material due to its purity and high-quality processing. This means: It can be easily cleaned and is therefore particularly well suited if you are looking for jewelry that can accompany you for a lifetime.

If you have jewelry with glued stones or pearls, please do not clean it yourself as the stones may come loose or the pearls may break.

You should also be cautious with low-carat gold like 333 gold, as acids and abrasive agents can damage the alloy. Below, we have summarized some of the most well-known gold cleaning methods for you.

Clean gold jewelry with dish soap

For gentle cleaning of gold jewelry, dish soap is ideal.

If your gold jewelry has faded, you should place it in a warm bath of dish soap (preferably sustainable solid dish soap), give the soap a moment to take care of your jewelry in the water, then you can take it out of the bath and gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush. Then you can simply dry your rings, earrings, or bracelets with a soft cloth, and they will shine as beautifully as you do! We consider this method to be the best and safest way to clean at home and have developed our sustainable jewelry care set for you.

Clean jewelry with baking soda or baking soda

Although home remedies such as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda are often recommended for cleaning gold jewelry, caution is advised. Both substances have an abrasive effect that can scratch the surface of the jewelry. The fine powder can leave scratches on the gold and thus affect the shine of your jewelry piece, so we advise against this method.

If you still want to use baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, mix them with some water to form a paste and apply it gently with a soft toothbrush. Let the paste sit for about 30 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Be sure to carefully dry your jewelry afterwards to remove any residues.

Clean golden jewelry with aluminum foil

Cleaning gold jewelry with aluminum foil is a simple and effective method.

Place a bowl lined with aluminum foil and add two tablespoons of table salt and one liter of hot water. Place your tarnished gold jewelry in the solution and stir gently until the salt has dissolved. The aluminum foil interacts with the impurities on your jewelry and attracts them. You will notice the foil darkening - this means the dirt is being removed from the gold. Remove the jewelry as soon as it shines again, rinse it under running water, and dry it with a soft cloth.

This method is particularly suitable for pure gold pieces, but should not be used for jewelry with delicate gemstones or pearls, as they could be damaged.

Clean gold jewelry with vinegar

Vinegar is a practical home remedy for cleaning tarnished gold jewelry and restoring its shine. Simply place your piece of jewelry in a bowl and cover it completely with vinegar. Let it sit in the vinegar solution for up to two hours, depending on the level of dirt. The vinegar acts as a natural acid that removes deposits and dirt. Then rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clear water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Since vinegar is an acid, this method should only be used for high-quality gold jewelry without gemstones or pearls, as sensitive materials could be damaged. For this reason, we recommend this cleaning method with limitations and suggest alternative, gentler methods.

Practical helpers: brush, care cloth, and soap

With our sustainable jewelry care set, you can easily maintain the shine of your gold jewelry. The set includes a solid washing soap, a bamboo brush for cleaning, and a soft microfiber care cloth for polishing. Everything is neatly stored in a natural cotton bag, perfect for home or on the go. A step-by-step guide made from recycled paper is also included, so you always know how to best care for your jewelry.

Our 18-carat recycled gold is characterized by its purity and durability, making care particularly easy. When it fades, a lukewarm bath with soap is enough: let the soap work for a moment, gently clean with the brush, and then dry with the cloth – your gold jewelry will shine like new again!

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The special thing about cleaning gold chains

Gold chains require special attention when cleaning, as dirt often stubbornly accumulates between the fine chain links.

Unlike smooth jewelry pieces like rings or bangles, where a simple wipe of the gold is sufficient, more careful methods are necessary for chains. Especially ball chains, with their larger surface area and numerous crevices, are susceptible to deposits of cosmetics, sweat, and dust. To preserve the radiant beauty of your chain, you can either clean it yourself with our sustainable jewelry care set or opt for our professional ReFresh service. These methods ensure a gentle and thorough cleaning that restores the shine of your chain without damaging the delicate material.

After cleaning: Polish gold jewelry to a shine

To make your gold jewelry shine brightly after cleaning, thorough polishing is essential. Once the dirt is removed, a microfiber polishing cloth specially designed for jewelry can give the final touch. Our sustainably produced Jewelry Polishing Cloth brings the surface of your jewelry pieces to life by gently and effectively polishing them. The microfiber removes the finest residues and makes gold jewelry shine in its original beauty.

By regularly cleaning and polishing, you preserve the radiant elegance and value of your favorite pieces and ensure they always look like new.

Hand hält feste Seife zur Schmuck Reinigung

Clean gold jewelry: the benefit of professional cleaning

One professional jewelry cleaning brings your gold jewelry back to new shine. Even with careful home care, certain impurities and scratches cannot be completely removed. The expertise of a jewelry professional and the use of specialized tools such as ultrasonic baths and fine brushes provide a deep cleaning that you cannot achieve on your own. A professional polish also removes stubborn scratches and dents from the gold, restoring your piece of jewelry to its original brilliance.

External factors such as sunlight, cosmetics, and sweat can take their toll over time – but a professional cleaning ensures that your gold jewelry looks like new again. This way, you can preserve the longevity and value of your favorite pieces and enjoy their beauty in all its splendor.

Clean jewelry in an ultrasonic bath

If you regularly clean gold jewelry, an ultrasonic cleaning device can be a worthwhile investment. These devices use sound waves to shake off dirt and deposits through vibrations in a liquid bath. Fill your device with water and a little low-foaming dish soap, and place your gold jewelry in the plastic baskets of the device so that the pieces do not touch each other. The bubbles generated effectively remove even stubborn dirt from hard-to-reach corners.

Important: Do not use this method for gold jewelry with pearls, as the ultrasonic device can affect the luster of the pearls. Also, with gemstones, you should check beforehand if they are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Hand-set diamonds like our lab diamonds can be safely placed in the ultrasonic bath.

Tips for proper care and storage of gold jewelry

To keep your gold jewelry shining and bring you joy for a long time, proper care and storage are crucial. Store your pieces in soft jewelry boxes or pouches to prevent scratches and tarnishing, especially for lower alloys. Keep your gold jewelry away from cosmetics, as ingredients in creams and makeup can damage the surface.

High-quality gold alloys like 18 karats, with or without diamonds, can be worn while washing hands or showering, as soaps and shampoos can clean the jewelry without harming it. However, these pieces should also be stored in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat, especially to protect more delicate gemstones.

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Conclusion: Clean gold jewelry yourself or have it professionally cleaned?

The decision of whether to clean your gold jewelry yourself or have it professionally cleaned depends on the type of dirt. Light impurities can be easily removed through regular self-care, ensuring that your jewelry maintains its shine permanently. However, for stubborn deposits or severe discoloration, it is recommended to have your gold professionally cleaned.

Goldsmiths can not only remove stubborn dirt but also eliminate small scratches through polishing and renew the surface. This way, your jewelry pieces will shine brightly again and remain in flawless condition.

Frequently asked questions about gold jewelry cleaning

How much do cosmetics and perfume contaminate my gold jewelry?

Cosmetics and perfume can significantly tarnish your gold jewelry over time. The chemicals and oils they contain can deposit on the surface of the jewelry, leading to a buildup of residues that can affect the shine of the gold. Especially with regular contact, these residues can be difficult to remove and may even cause the jewelry to tarnish or become dull more quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to apply cosmetics and perfume after putting on your gold jewelry to avoid direct contact and a buildup of residues.

Can I wear my gold jewelry while doing housework, exercising, and showering?

It is generally not recommended to wear your gold jewelry while doing household chores or engaging in sports. During household chores, chemicals in cleaning agents can damage the jewelry or cloud its surface. During sports, the jewelry can be more easily damaged or lost by sports equipment such as dumbbells and movements. To keep your gold jewelry in the best condition and extend its lifespan, it is advisable to remove it before these activities and store it in a safe place.

High-quality gold alloys such as 18 karat, with or without diamonds, can also be worn while washing hands or showering, as soaps and shampoos clean the jewelry without damaging it.

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