Green Wedding - Tips for your sustainable wedding

Green Wedding - Tips for your sustainable wedding

Green Wedding: You could almost think that a wedding is the gateway to sustainability. Because: whoever gets married plans for the future, believes in the renewability of love, knows: just like gold, love does not lose its purity, no matter how many times you fall in love with that one person again.

You have said 'yes' and now you want to celebrate your very own sustainable wedding and make the day a very special one not only for you and your guests, but also for our planet? Then we have a few tips for you, how this can succeed.

The engagement ring

As in most cases, no couple can get around it: the marriage proposal. To be more precise: Not only the marriage proposal - also everything that goes with an engagement. The right moment, the planning and excitement beforehand, the friends who know about it but shouldn't blab. We know that all this can be quite difficult. Simply because the applicant is very serious and wants to show that he or she has thought about the future together. So why not make a difference at the proposal stage and send a mindful signal with a sustainable engagement ring? Because then she or he will say yes. And you slip this one ring over her or his finger, which will henceforth act as a symbol of your love. So it's worth choosing a special engagement ring that suits you. One that is sustainable and that you can wear every day with a clear conscience. Like our fair engagement rings: made from recycled 18 carat gold and set with synthetic diamonds. These rings not only look good on your great love, but also on our earth. Win, Win we would say.

The location

So now you have gotten married. And now the wedding ceremony is coming up. If you want to get married sustainably, you can also reduce your ecological footprint when choosing your wedding location - for example, with a wedding in the countryside. It doesn't need much electricity, it just needs the stars and a disco ball reflecting the moonlight. Your own garden is suitable for this. But sometimes it's also nice to get out. Then maybe an organic hotel, a classic event location, barns or farms, tents or even a castle? And, even if you find it hard to believe: the most sustainable wedding venues are often in the city, because there you can get there easily, have short distances and good accommodation options for the guests. In a Green Wedding, it is important to pay attention not only to electricity consumption, but also to green energy in general, the connection to the public transport network and the use of sustainable partners, service providers and sustainable equipment. But the most important thing is always: You feel comfortable.

The wedding jewelry

Honestly, some of us would probably like to get married with a tiara. Or with a necklace that sparkles more beautifully than the Milky Way in a telescope. But when should you ever wear the jewelry that suits your own wedding again? That's why renting or even borrowing wedding jewelry is not a bad idea, especially if you value a sustainable wedding. You can still feel a little like Cinderrella: an unforgettable night like in a fairy tale but without a guilty conscience! If you can't find anything suitable among your family and friends, there are numerous online providers where you can rent jewelry and are guaranteed to find what you're looking for.

If your wedding jewelry should be a little more timeless, look for sustainable chains , Armbänder and Earrings by Maren Jewellery. We are happy to assist you.

The wedding rings

You can guess what we recommend for your Green Wedding: Of course, natural and sustainable wedding rings. You can also find them with us, Rings from recycled gold, as pure as your love. And best of all, our rings are not only companions for life, you can also pass them on to your children so that your love passes into their love. Or you can have them melted down again and renewed if the size or taste changes. In any case, you will have them forever.

The wedding decoration

Birch branches, ivy, wildflowers - nature is a wonderful host from which we can learn everything. So why not: the wedding decoration to marry sustainably provides the seasonal nature. A few skillful hands and your table will become a natural table. Also in the already existing household there is usually already much that can be used as wedding decorations. However, if you can't avoid buying new decorations, don't go crazy with it. Maybe you can pay attention to the purchase that it can be reused afterwards. High-quality and natural large candles, for example, can be wonderfully passed on to the guests after the celebration as a souvenir.

The wedding menu

What would your sustainable wedding be without sustainable and delicious food? And in the best case: vegetarian. If you can't imagine that for yourself, maybe you can change your mind by a vegetarian tasting or at least rely on regional organic products? Because: A Green Wedding menu tastes especially good when it can be served with a clear conscience.

Ultimately, your love deserves a celebration that suits you. Everyone has to find their own way. The perfect, sustainable wedding looks different for everyone. But maybe we could provide a few impulses. We only know one thing for sure: Your love deserves only the best!

Frequently asked questions

Yes and no. Of course, it's difficult to give a general answer. As with all events, Green Wedding budgets range from a few euros to several figures in the thousands. However, sustainable weddings are not necessarily associated with additional costs. On the contrary, you can save quite a bit of budget by, for example, renting a wedding dress and bridal jewelry or using existing wedding decorations.

What you can keep in mind about this question: Every step, no matter how small, toward a more sustainable lifestyle is helpful and a start. For example, if you want a vegetarian wedding menu made from local produce and sustainable wedding rings, but you absolutely have to have your own wedding dress, that's perfectly fine. Your peace of mind should never cost you a sustainable wedding planning. And your celebration can still call itself a Green Wedding.

The event industry is also gradually changing and with the help of a little online research you will quickly land on some websites, forums and blogs where the topic of Green Wedding is mentioned. In addition to general ideas, you will also find helpful tips on calculating the wedding budget, contacts and checklists. You can also get very nice and especially pictorial inspiration on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest by searching for the keywords and hashtags Green Wedding, nachhaltige Heiraten, Sustainable Wedding or Eco Wedding.

Written by: Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist living in Munich.
More than anything else, he likes to write about the beautiful things in life-
such as about sustainable jewellery.