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Model trägt unseren Mini Sphere Kugel Ohrring
Portrait der Schmuck Designerin Helge Maren
Grafik, die den ganzheitlichen Nachhaltigkeitsprozess von vom Design, übers Material, die Herstellung bis hin zur Verpackung und Spenden aufzeigt
Nachhaltige Schmuckverpackung aus Papier und Leinen von Maren Jewellery
Maren Jewellery nachhaltiger Schmuck als Geschenk verpackt

Mini Sphere Bead Earring

245,00 €

incl. taxes


18k recycled yellow gold

Handmade:delivered in 1 week in DE


14 days return policy

B Corp & RJC certified


Our Mini Sphere ball earring is as round and precious as the planets in our universe. Everything is turning. Everything is in motion. The earth revolves around the sun and itself. The moon revolves around the earth and we revolve around it. Everything is connected and we are part of it. This phenomenon exists not only in cosmic space, but also in interpersonal relationships. Even in love, we revolve around each other and build a connection. With our Mini Sphere ball earrings made of recycled 750 gold, we have created a similar connection:between us and our cosmos, between us and love. Let's stay connected!

More about the Sphere collection and design idea for the Mini Sphere ball earring.

Width 3 x 3 mm / Height 3 mm Material: recycled 18 carat gold from Germany / earring pin and clasp recycled 18 carat gold from USA

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Every piece of Maren jewelry is designed by designer Helge Maren and handcrafted for you in Germany.

We stand for holistic sustainability, which means sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, local and fair production of high-quality, long-lasting jewelry. We also donate 3% of our profits and reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible, compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Production and material of the Mini Sphere ball earring requires approx. 0.0007 kg CO2. We offset 100 kg of CO2 when you purchase the piece of jewelry. You save approx. 99% CO2 compared to conventionally manufactured jewelry

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Mini Sphere Bead Earring

245,00 €
Kugel Ohrringe von Maren Jewellery auf Steinen liegend

Sometimes less is more

Simplicity and harmony are two of the most important qualities of minimalist jewellery for us. We limit ourselves to clean lines and our clear principles because we firmly believe that timeless aesthetics and sustainability meet where nothing else has been added. Our Mini Sphere ball earrings are a simple but clear statement.

Model trägt zum Sphere Kugel Ohrring passenden Cosmic Kugelring

The ideal ring pendant

Together it is usually even more beautiful. This also applies to our jewellery. The perfect counterpart to our mini sphere earrings is our golden sphere ring. It is just as simple and restrained as the ear studs in the collection, but at the latest at a second glance it captivates with that special something and deep-seated harmony.

Mini Kugel Ohrring in Kombination mit anderen Maren Jewellery Ohrsteckern

Exclusively Urban Mining Gold

Urban mining is the recycling of existing gold. You are probably already aware of the negative effects that commercial gold mining and processing have on the people involved and on our environment. So that you don't have to have a guilty conscience when wearing your jewellery from Maren Jewellery and so that you are not complicit in these devastating consequences, we have exclusively used Urban Mining Gold since our foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mini Sphere Stud Earrings

What is the best way to store the sphere earrings when I am not wearing them?

Our Mini Sphere Earrings and all your other jewellery should always be protected from light and too much air when you take them off. Direct sunlight can damage precious metals such as gold and silver and the metal particles in your jewellery oxidise with the sulphur in the air. Both can lead to unsightly discolouration over time. Therefore, ideally choose a non-transparent casket or drawer. Please also have a look at our Marble Jewelry Case, in which your favourite pieces of jewellery can linger in the best possible way.

Can I sleep with the Mini Sphere Ball Earrings on or should I take them off at night?

We understand that you want to wear your favourite jewellery day and night. And even though our mini sphere earrings are rather small, it's always best to take your jewellery off overnight. For your sake and for the sake of your jewellery. Otherwise, bacteria can spread on and under your jewellery due to night sweats, rings can cut your fingers when they swell and, in the worst case, you could even injure yourself if your ear studs or a necklace get caught on the fabric or a button. And your jewellery is also less exposed to external influences when it spends the night in a suitable jewellery box, which is undoubtedly better for it.

Are the Mini Sphere Ball Earrings made of Urban Mining Gold?

At Maren Jewellery, we only use recycled gold, so there is no need to mine new gold for our jewellery. We get the recycled gold from our RJC certified refinery C.Hafner, which extracts gold from old jewellery, electronics or gold from dental technology and fuses it into a new, recycled gold alloy. The materials for this come 90 % from Germany and 10 % from neighbouring EU countries. Also our Foundry Kauselmann works exclusively with recycled gold and thus prevents new gold mining. And so, of course, our Mini Sphere ball earrings are also made only from Urban Mining Gold.


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