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Sphere Ohrstecker getragen von unserem Model
Portrait der Schmuck Designerin Helge Maren
Nachhaltige Schmuckverpackung aus Papier und Leinen von Maren Jewellery
Maren Jewellery nachhaltiger Schmuck als Geschenk verpackt

Sphere stud earrings

1.095,00 €

incl. taxes


18k recycled yellow gold & lab diamonds

Handmade:delivered in 1 week in DE


14 days return policy

B Corp & RJC certified


The Sphere ear studs were created from the realization of what wonderful energy and unity arises when two parts magically attract each other. As if a light appeared from one moment to the next. It comes from the magical first sparkle in the eyes of two people who discover that they are passionate about the same thing. This brief moment is enough to create a wordless connection and an unspoken alliance. These interpersonal peculiarities sometimes seem lost in everyday life. We should definitely remember this. Because: The world needs allies. Those that shine, like our pair of Sphere stud earrings made of 18 carat recycled gold with 2 lab diamonds

More about the Sphere collection and design idea Sphere stud earrings.


Width 3.5 - 5 mm / length 10 mm / height 5 mm Material: recycled 18 carat gold from Germany / earring pins and clasp recycled 18 carat gold from the USA 2 laboratory diamonds each 3 mm round cut: very good - color: df - clarity: vvs-vs - carat: 0.2 total

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Every piece of Maren jewelry is designed by designer Helge Maren and handcrafted for you in Germany.

We stand for holistic sustainability, which means sustainable materials, sustainable packaging, local and fair production of high-quality, long-lasting jewelry. We also donate 3% of our profits and reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible, compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

The production and material of the Sphere stud earrings require approx. 2.7 kg of CO2. We compensate for 100 kg of CO2 when you purchase the piece of jewelry. You save approx. 93% CO2 compared to conventionally manufactured jewelry

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Sphere stud earrings

1.095,00 €
Sphere Ohrstecker in Kombination mit anderen Ohrringen an unserem Model

Would you like a little more?

Some occasions or even certain days call for a little more statement every now and then. If you want to express this personal feeling, our Cosmic Dreams hanging earrings, each with an Eco diamond, will complete your individual look without a doubt and with just the right nuance of specialness.

Unser Model trägt dezente Kugel Ohrringe als Alternative zu den Sphere Ohrsteckern

Or a little less?

Our Mini Sphere ball earrings, on the other hand, are the simplest and most minimalist earring model from our Sphere collection. Their design is limited to the most essential and captures the round and precious nature of the planets in our universe. Their timeless aesthetic makes them a simple but clear statement.

Die Diamanten unserer Sphere Schmuckstücke im Fokus

Diamond Quality: The 4 Cs

In addition to the origin of the diamonds, their quality also plays an immensely important role in the production of our jewellery. Since our founding, we have exclusively used synthetic diamonds of the best quality grown in the laboratory. The latter can be clearly evaluated and distinguished on the basis of the 4Cs. So that you too can better assess the quality of diamonds, we would like to introduce you to the 4 Cs.

Frequently asked questions about the Sphere ear stud

Is the Sphere ear stud fair trade?

At Maren Jewellery we do not use fair trade gold, not even for our Sphere stud earrings. The reason for this is as follows: Fair Trade gold is mined under fair working conditions, with fair payment and under strict regulations that promote the protection of people and the environment. This is of course a positive step forward compared to conventional mining standards. The fact that miners in fair trade mines are taking concrete action against abuses in the industry with new standards and environmentally and human-friendly regulations is also extremely worthy of support. However, fair trade gold is also newly mined gold that causes avoidable damage to our environment and for which miners expose themselves to great health risks. That is why we have consciously decided to use only recycled gold for our jewellery instead of Fair Trade gold.

Are the synthetic diamonds in the ear stud as valuable as natural diamonds?

The synthetic diamonds of the Sphere ear stud are lab-grown diamonds. They are visually, in their hardness and in their chemical composition identical to natural diamonds. The advantage of synthetic diamonds, however, lies in their sustainable and humane extraction, because this neither pollutes our environment nor endangers people in crisis areas. Even though this fact makes diamonds many times more valuable for us personally, the price can be lower compared to natural diamonds, depending on the size.


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