We love the wild freedom of nature as much as its silent depth. That is why we want to do everything in our power to preserve its beauty and design jewelry that not only reflects this elegance but is also made in harmony with it.

We are a mindful, sustainable and responsible company. To bring these values to life, we have chosen to state them here for us but also for you.

We mind - together we can give our dreams a reality and make this world a better place.

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Finally: figures that are good for the climate! Jewelry can only be as beautiful as the materials that go into it

We have looked at it very closely and find: Our jewelry is still beautiful!

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We have made it our goal to live in harmony with nature and to design jewelry that not only suits you but also our earth. That's why we think about every single step we take and question ourselves so that we can guarantee you a holistic sustainability through sustainable materials and sustainable actions.

We only use recycled gold, silver and synthetic eco diamonds for our jewelry. Our packaging is made of beautiful recyclable paper or sustainable natural linen, depending on your choice. And even our jewelry, which we only make when you order it, is recyclable. In this way, we are striving for a circular economy in the long term. To achieve this, all materials must be recyclable so that they can be returned to the production cycle again and again, thus using as few new resources as possible.

Together we think sustainability further and design environmentally friendly, beautiful jewelry - for you and the earth.

The earth is our home and inspiration. When life around us becomes too loud and hectic, we retreat into nature and breathe in its wild, healing peace with deep breaths. Precisely because the hours in the wilderness give us so much, we want to become active. We want to take responsibility for what we love. That's why we work with selected, sustainable suppliers who share our vision and inspire us daily to think sustainability further. We produce exclusively in Germany, which enables us to keep our transport routes as short as necessary and to design jewelry of the highest quality. As far as it is in our power, we do not use plastic in the production of our jewelry. We have also decided to offset 100kg CO2 for each piece of jewelry we produce and to donate 3% of our sales to the Earthbeat Foundation every year from 2021 on. We are not only interested in beautiful jewelry, but also in making this world a little bit better every day. For you, for us and for nature.

Mindfulness is the loving, thoughtful treatment of ourselves, nature and other people. It is the gentle power of mindfulness that enables us to admit our own mistakes and thus to facilitate personal growth. A mindful love.

For our jewelry this means a design of clear, minimal lines, whose beauty passes every test of time. It means that we treat nature with respect, which is why all our jewelry is completely animal-free and therefore vegan. We want to take you with us on our journey and share every step with you, so you can be sure that our jewelry fits your life. Therefore we attach great importance to transparency.

Mindfulness is an experience and we look forward to sharing it with you.


Urban Mining
Eco Synthetic Diamonds
Design for Deconstruction
Made for you

For our jewelry we use only recycled gold and silver. This is a big step towards holistic sustainability and brings us a significant step closer to our goal of a circular economy, of which we are particularly proud. Gold and silver stand for elegance, for purity and last but not least for timeless beauty. Through urban mining, i.e. the recycling of metals, the precious metals do not lose any of their purity, but gain the pure joy of wearing them. Urban mining protects our environment and minimizes the use of energy; neither unethical working conditions nor child labor are supported. Instead, we guarantee a traceable supply chain and fair wages. Our recycled 925 silver and recycled 18 carat gold, is produced by various refineries and foundries, which we present in detail in our journal. Gold and silver have never been so beautiful.

Diamonds are unique and graceful, they are a wordless promise, so pure and simple that they often seduce to humble amazement. However, the origin of natural diamonds is often difficult to determine and the circumstances under which they are mined are usually not sustainable. That's why we purchase our synthetic Eco diamonds directly from the manufacturer - so we can trace who makes them and under what conditions. We can be sure that each stone is produced under ethically acceptable and ecologically desirable conditions. Synthetic diamonds that are produced in the laboratory are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. They are produced in the same way and do not differ in any way from their natural counterparts. Originally, natural diamonds are created through a process that takes about 2.5 million years and takes place deep down in the earth. These processes can now be imitated and significantly accelerated in the laboratory, making it possible to produce unique synthetic diamonds of natural purity in a shorter time. This allows us to design jewelry that we can be sure is thoroughly pure and beautiful. Synthetic Eco diamonds are pure, high quality diamonds that are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way according to our values. A diamond cannot become more pure.

Love is a mystery which, once it is spoken, becomes all the more mysterious, gains depth and leaves nothing untouched. Just like mindfulness, which makes things loose their self-evidence and can make us wonder. A mindful love. We are committed to mindfulness that does not end with the completion of a piece of jewelry. We are happy that we were able to design a packaging that embodies exactly that: The love of mindfulness. We ship our jewelry in works of art made of recyclable paper, which are not only printed in an environmentally friendly way, but also embossed. This makes us especially happy, as it brings us a step closer to the recycling economy, which is our goal. Your piece of jewelry will also be delivered in a reusable natural linen bag, which is manufactically produced just like our paper. Mindfulness is an experience and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Love is a feeling of movement, of infinitely changing shape. Again and again love knows how to surprise, every day it finds new ways to create space and to meet the lovers in a new way. But as soon as you try to capture it, to hold on to it and to keep it in only one form, it disappears. We have made this movement our principle. We offer pieces of jewelry in our collections, but we don't prescribe the form of love to anyone: All our pieces of jewelry are designed for desconstruction. We use only pure precious metals in the production of our jewelry, which makes it possible for us to melt them down again and give them a new form if desired. In the long term, we strive to achieve a circular economy. Because like love, our jewelry should meet you on all the paths you choose for yourself and adapt to you, so that it can accompany you throughout your life.

Jewelry is a form of expression, a language, whose words every person is allowed to invent for himself. You and your jewelry complement each other - and not only you wear your jewelry. Your jewelry also carries you within itself, it reflects you and is a part of you. Your piece of jewelry should only belong to you, therefore we design it only when you order it. This can lead to delivery times of 1-2 weeks, but this way we can not only be sure that the jewelry - just like its future wearer - is unique, we can also save valuable resources and do the earth - which is also unique - a big favor. Your jewelry, as unique as you are.


Made in Germany
Working Together
No Plastic
Give Back

It is our desire to design your favorite pieces. Our favorite jewelry, is the one that has a history, of which we know who made it and for this reason alone, it has a special value for us. Made in Germany stands not only for high quality products, but also for local production. Because the longest way our jewelry should go is from us to you. Made in Germany, that means our producers, our suppliers and our employees, who all share the same vision: sustainable structures, fair working conditions, high-quality products, resource-saving production and short delivery routes. We are happy to work with companies that inspire us to think further about sustainability, that challenge us to question ourselves again and again and to find new ways and that help us to make our jewelry as environmentally friendly and beautiful as possible. We are not perfect, but we have just the right community to take a step in the right direction every day.

We love what we do, so for us it's not just about the finished piece of jewelry, but every single step we take along the way. About the story we tell together. About the people who accompany us on this journey. We believe jewelry should make people happy. That's why we work together on fair work structures with fair pay. Of course, we place special emphasis on ensuring that all the products we use in our jewelry are sustainable, but it's just as important to us that the people who accompany us on our journey to holistically sustainable jewelry are as happy as you are when you wear that new favorite piece. We believe it's no secret: it's easier to love together.

For us, mindfulness means looking at the world and asking ourselves what we can do to make the beautiful even more beautiful. How can we do our part to make this world a better place? What can we do to make terms like sensitivity or emotionality positive again? How can we live a life that goes with nature and not against it? A clear goal for us is to produce zero waste. Zero Waste is a challenge for any company and we are always looking for new ways to bring us closer to this goal. We have already been able to take a big step: as far as it is within our power, we completely eliminate plastic in our production process. In addition, all the materials we use are recycled and recyclable. We look forward to continuing to work on new structures to make our goal of a circular economy a reality.

Of all things, the dearest to us are those that bear witness to mindfulness and love. The small, scribbly works of art under refrigerator magnets, the pottery vase in which each flower seems to live longer, the crystal glasses from which even our grandparents enjoyed their sparkling successes. All these, our favorite pieces have one thing in common: they are handmade. Because jewelry is our passion, we take the time to handcraft all of our jewelry. No two pieces are the same, each is unique. Your piece of jewelry is lovingly handcrafted individually for you. This is costly and time-consuming - but we know that you are worth it and want our jewelry to become your favorite piece.

We are dedicated to our dream of doing everything we can to live in harmony with nature and create jewelry that gives reality to this principle. But on our own, our possibilities are limited. We would like to do more. Because our earth is acutely threatened by climate change, we feel it is especially important to do something to help nature breathe again. That is why we have decided to offset 100kg of CO2 for every piece of jewelry we produce by donating to Chooose. This is an organization that enables companies and individuals to offset their carbon footprint by investing in projects that aim to reduce CO2 emissions and are verified by the UN or the Gold Standard. We are happy to offset more CO2 than we consume and give something back to our planet. We have also decided to donate 3% of our profits to the Earthbeat Foundation every year starting in 2021. This is an organization that aims to create new sources of income in localities where people live from smallscale mining, so that nature can heal and people no longer have to rely on illegal mining, which is not only dangerous but also very harmful to the environment. Since we work exclusively with recycled gold for our jewelry, we are happy that in this way we can do our part to reduce gold mining in mines and give people a hopeful future.


No Perfection

For us, mindfulness means taking care that no harm comes to any living being. But at the same time it means to understand the opinion and perspective of others and - even if you don't agree with it - to respect it. At Maren Jewellery, we have chosen to live a vegan life. Not only do we care about a vegan diet, it is just as important to us that all of our jewelry is designed entirely without animal products. This means that all our materials are animal-free: our jewelry, our packaging and even our glue is vegan. But we want each person to take only the steps that feel right for them. You have your opinion and no one should determine that for you. If you want to live vegan, that's great. But every little step is also a step in the right direction. Your life is yours and who better to decide how you want to live it than you?

Sometimes it is the words whispered in the dark. Sometimes the look that tells us: I understand you, you are not alone. The nightly, quiet breathing of the person who is most important to us. The moments in which we feel understood, in which we feel safe and secure, are often not the great fireworks, but the moments so quiet in their delicate clarity. We want to limit ourselves to what is necessary because we believe that love, aesthetics and above all sustainability can be found exactly where nothing else has been added - this applies to our design just as it does to our everyday life. We limit ourselves to what is really important. To clear lines and clear principles. What more could it need? There, where we can be the least of us, is love.

The unstoppable passing of time can seem threatening. Moments fly by and cannot be stopped. They come and go. Years come and go. So it's not surprising that we are constantly on the lookout for something that defiantly opposes this monotonous flow of time. And they still exist, the islands of timelessness. Exactly here lies our desire to design jewelry with pure lines and minimalst beauty that will stand the test of time - both in terms of quality and aesthetics. We reflect on what beauty means to us and make that our highest principle: quality over quantity. Let time pass. Our jewelry lasts.

We want to design jewelry that lives up to our aspiration to live in harmony with nature. We want to live up to our ambitions for sustainability. We want to live up to your expectations. We want to be ambitious. But we believe that we can only achieve all the goals we set for ourselves if we are kind to ourselves. No human being is perfect and we are convinced that exactly this is a strength. Only when we accept ourselves as we are can we reach our full potential. Only when we accept that we may not succeed at everything right away do we open up the path to growth. We want to grow. But growth begins only when we acknowledge our weaknesses. To live in harmony with nature is to live in harmony with ourselves. Be kind to yourself. Be mindful, my love.

The most beautiful thing you can get from someone is trust. The most beautiful thing you can give back is honesty - transparency. We appreciate your trust and in return we want to share with you every step we take to design your favorite piece. We do this not only because we feel it's our responsibility to give you a full picture of exactly what you can expect from us and how we work, but also because we are incredibly proud of the many amazing people and companies we get to work with. If you're wondering who they are, check out our journal where we introduce all of our suppliers and producers. In our webshop you can also see where our materials come from and who we get them from. With us, your trust is in careful hands.

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