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Working Together

Working Together

Design & Maker

From hand to craft

The jewelry craft is our great passion. It is therefore particularly important to us that all our partners are as passionate about raw materials and sustainability as we are. Because: The piece of jewelry that we design can only be as good as the materials we use as a basis and therefore as good as our partners..

Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC)

But: It is particularly important to us that our partners not only deliver excellent results, but that the working conditions, fair wages and responsible treatment of nature also match our values. That is why we are pleased that three of our partners, whom we are introducing to you today, , RJC are certified, just like we are certified by Maren. This is a voluntary check of the environment, working conditions, human rights and mining all to ensure that the jewelry we produce together is truly beautiful..

18k recycled gold

Most of our jewelry is made of gold. You can about gold and why we chose recycling gold here read. And we are incredibly happy that we are with C Hafner have a partner who cares about sustainable gold just as much as we do: Gold from C Hafner is not only CO2 neutral, but also 100 percent recycled. Just like us at Maren Jewellery, our Pforzheim partner also sees it as its primary responsibility to set new standards and stand up for what it believes in: the protection of nature, fair working conditions and beautiful gold that no longer harms the earth . Thanks to C. Hafner's remarkable, RJC-certified work, we too can say: Gold can't get any more beautiful.

Synthetic Eco Diamonds

The raw material that we use the second most frequently is our diamonds. Instead of buying newly created diamonds, of which we often cannot say with certainty where they come from, whether nature and people are affected when procuring them, we have opted for cultured diamonds. If you want to learn more about it, take a look here over.

ear studs

With the gold of C Hafner and the synthetic Eco diamonds that we from Swiss Diamond Vision , Fenix ​​Diamonds and Diamond Foundry obtain, many of our pieces of jewelry can already be made our pendants and rings. Because: We not only focus on clarity in design, but also in the selection of our raw materials. But what about ear studs? Here we had to search a long time to find a partner who manufactures the so-called stud earrings in the Maren Jewelery way: sustainable, fair and responsible. Because most ear studs are made in Asian countries without being sure who exactly produces them and under what conditions. With Hoover & Strong we have found a partner who leaves no questions unanswered. Everything they produce, they make with 100 percent recycled precious metals under the best, responsible conditions in America and all RJC certified. So now we have the raw materials for pendants, rings and stud earrings. But what about chainsn?

Designing jewelry can be a puzzle

Our essential chain

There comes Schofer in the game. A Pforzheim production facility for wonderfully delicate chains. Schofer provides us with the reduced one made of 18 carat recycling gold Essential chain here. This is an incredibly delicate chain and we are more than happy to have found a partner who has the technical knowledge and expertise to produce it exactly as we envisioned it. We are also very pleased that Schofer is RJC-certifiedt

Our silver chains

Because we wanted to offer our silver chains made from recycled 925 sterling silver, we had only one choice:fisherman. A company from Idar-Oberstein whose values ​​are as reliable as the materials they process and have been for over 70 years. But above all: They are just as demanding as we are. A craft business that takes the production of our chains as seriously as if they had designed them themselves. Designing jewelry can be like a jigsaw puzzle at times. We know what materials we need to make jewelry. But where are we supposed to find them? Sometimes you're unlucky and they just don't exist. For example: sustainable chain clasps. But we have our workbench for exactly such cases. So we sat down and designed it ourselves. So we have the raw materials for: rings, pendants and earrings. We even have everything for chains. But: raw materials are not jewels. That's why we still need a foundry that can bring our gold and silver into the right shape.t.

Our foundry

Kauselmann is a foundry that does not use mine gold at all and produces in Pforzheim. And their principles are clear: no inhumane working conditions, no environmental pollution, no child labor in gold mining. That's why the foundry decided to use paper bags instead of sending their castings in plastic bags, as is usual. This will save you several million plastic bags! But where they don't save: Jewelery of the best quality, custom-fit according to our specifications. But the pure cast is not a finished piece of jewelry. Now it's time to polish.n.

Our master jewel setter

Let's keep it short: Our gold and silver was cast and polished. Ear studs were attached to the ear studs. Our chains were made. And we have synthetic eco diamonds. But how do the diamonds become part of the jewelry? That's what it's for Jewel Setter Master Wilhelm Kling. A traditional company from Pforzheim that has been pursuing its craft since 1875. That's 145 years of experience. Experience that convinces many well-known customers. Every move is right here, which every Maren Jewelery customer can attest to.

The last glance

Now they are all in front of us on the workbench: chains and rings, bracelets and earrings. And we wouldn't be Maren Jewelery if we didn't lend a hand ourselves. After all, it is what we love, what excites and fascinates us: the search for the perfect piece of jewellery. We take care of the final polish and quality control, of course we work in an environmentally friendly manner without toxic chemicals, which is why we use citric acid instead of toxic acids for our stain. That's why you can be sure: Each of our pieces of jewelery goes through many conscientious hands, is looked at by many expert eyes and gets exactly what it needs to be one thing: your new favorite piece..

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Written By Moritz Hackl

Moritz is a copywriter, blogger and journalist and lives in Munich. He prefers to write about the beautiful things in life - such as sustainable jewellery.


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