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10 Tipps für einen nachhaltigen Lebensstil in 2023

10 tips for a sustainable lifestyle in 2023


Assustainable jewelry label At Maren Jewelery we think every day anew about protecting our wonderful earth in the best possible way with ecological work processes but also privately with a sustainable lifestyle. We are therefore happy about every other company, but also about every individual who would like to walk the path to a more sustainable future with us..

A new year is a wonderful time to establish new habits in your everyday life and to live more sustainably. Most of us would most likely like to lead a more sustainable lifestyle in theory, but in reality it often fails when it comes to implementation. Perhaps we are too stuck in our previous routines and processes. Change - even the smallest - requires a certain amount of effort. On the other hand, there is the climate crisis, shrinking resources, animal suffering and growing mountains of rubbish, which, in the ubiquitous reporting, remind us every day that we actually have to act. In order to make it a little easier for you to start and take small first steps - maybe just one - towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we would like to give you really simple tips that can be used in almost every everyday life without much effort.n.

Tip 1:Second hand or sustainable labels

Since the topic of fashion is probably the closest thing to us, let's just start with it: The ecological and social consequences of fast fashion are devastating. In order to be well dressed or to follow one or the other trend, it does not always have to be fast fashion. You can often even find new goods in second-hand shops, for example because someone received something as a gift or unfortunately bought something they didn’t like. Besides, there are now many e Slow fashion labels with a varied selection, so that there is a more sustainable alternative for every taste. Ours too Maren jewelry is carefully thought out down to the smallest detail. So it is even possible to afford luxury items such as jewelery without harming our environment.

Walk the path to a more sustainable future together

Tip 2:Jute is your friend

Temporarily pack a small bag, which of course does not necessarily have to be made of jute, in each of your bags and backpacks. So you are always prepared for spontaneous shopping and do not have to resort to the plastic or paper bags from the shops.n.

Tip 3:Unpackaged

You don't necessarily have to find the nearest wholesaler for this, because you can already reduce some of the packaging material in the supermarket. Bring your own net for fruit and vegetables or simply wash your purchases thoroughly at home and you can confidently leave the plastic bags hanging on the stand. You can also take your bread from the bakery with you in your own bread bag. So you save another bag.

Tip 4:The path as part of the journey

Driving: Stressful, exhausting and we are often annoyed by the other road users. The train offers a non-negligible alternative. You can use the time actively. Be it to answer a few emails in peace, read a book or just take a little nap. In addition, you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the landscape that passes by outside without having to concentrate on the road traffic. You are also welcome to take a look at our journal Mindful Travel Join us and discover beautiful and sustainable travel destinations.

Tip 5:Relaxation through planning while eating

Who doesn't know them: impulse purchases. We spontaneously buy too much and useless things because we are ravenously hungry. You can avoid this risk with good planning. At the beginning or end of the week, think about what you need for the coming days and what you want to cook. This not only saves money and waste, but also time, since you can do everything with just one trip to the supermarket.

Tip 6:Seasonal calendar as a help and eye-catcher

Buying fruit and vegetables seasonally, maybe even from your region, protects the environment and usually also your wallet. The transport routes are many times shorter, the working conditions are more transparent and the goods are often fresher. On Etsy you will find, for example, beautiful seasonal calendars by small artists and illustrators. During our research, we also came across variants for printing out or creative puzzles. In this way, you can see with just one look at the calendar which fruit and vegetables are in season and you can adjust your meal and shopping plan accordingly.

Tip 7:Organic waste or compost

Waste separation sounds exhausting at first, but it is also easy and uncomplicated. Separate the organic waste from the rest in a separate bucket and dispose of it in the brown in-house bin. If you want more, no problem! There are separate compost containers for balconies as well as for apartments. These don't stink and some even look really chic. If you have your own garden: Even better! Start in a quiet corner with your own compost heap and start your own little cycle.

Tip 8:Straw? No thank you!

Honestly, do you use the straw in your drink? Most of the time, you stir it briefly and then turn the straw aside or remove it completely from the glass. And the worst thing is, in bulk, straws cause mountains of plastic waste, which often find their way into our oceans and are fatal to animals there. With your next order, say directly that you don't need a straw. First of all, just a simple sentence with little effect, but which collectively means a lot of plastic savings..

Tip 9:Consume mindfully

And as a last general tip: Conscious and mindful consume. Take a close look at where the things you consume come from, what the ingredients are, how they are packaged and who worked on them under what conditions. This applies to clothing, food, furniture, jewelry and basically everything you consume. And ask yourself again and again whether what you plan to buy really need. Maybe there is a more sustainable alternative such as a second-hand variant, a loan option or what you already have can be repaired with a little help. If you are interested in our jewelry, then take a look at our before you buy WeMind initiative or read ours sustainability report through. This is the only way you can ensure that we meet your requirements.

Tip 10:A mindful newsletter

And last but not least: To keep up to date with what's going on in the world of sustainability and to regularly receive helpful tips on the subject, be sure to subscribe to our mindful newsletter. As a thank you for your interest, we will also give you a small discount code for your next purchase! You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and without giving a reason. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the unsubscribe link, which can be found in every newsletter.t.

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Can my sustainable lifestyle make a difference?

Honestly, everyone probably asked themselves this question at the beginning of the path to a sustainable life. And this question comes up again and again when you look at the unfortunately often sobering news about our climate and the like. And yet: every step is a step in the right direction and makes a difference. And with your actions, you in turn inspire others who begin to question their own behavior and, in the best case, even adapt your sustainable lifestylen

Isn't a sustainable lifestyle much more expensive?

That doesn't necessarily have to be the case. As you can read in our tips, you can even save money with some of our tips for a sustainable lifestyle. For example, when you start creating a meal plan for the week, you'll make less impulse purchases and throw away less. Furthermore, there is almost always a sustainable alternative to buying new. You can often find something used, borrow it from family or friends, or even repair it again. Embark on the journey without any pressure or expectations and you will see that a sustainable lifestyle is not more expensive.

Written By Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.

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