Gifts of love

Gifts of love

Let’s celebrate love!

Hello lovers: If you have landed on this page, it is probably because you are head over heels in love or just looking for a love gift for an important person in your life. We are happy to present you our ideas and favorites for love gifts below, but first of all we want to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. Because before you perhaps decide on a romantic gift for your significant other after reading this journal, we think it's a wonderful occasion to briefly celebrate you and your love as well. After all, it's not natural to have a person in your life who feels such great appreciation and affection for you that they want to give you a gift as a declaration of love. We have the utmost respect for this and celebrate your and your love as the greatest gift of all - today, tomorrow and always!

But now to the essentials: Our four romantic gift ideas

Before we go into detail about why we think jewelry is a wonderfully thoughtful, personal and romantic gift idea and serves as the optimal proof of love for both men and women, we won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here they are: our favorites in terms of love gifts for lovers, long-time lovers, friends or otherwise connected:

Is jewelry romantic enough as a love symbol?

Maybe you're tormented by the question of whether a jewelry gift to your sweetheart is actually the right choice. Maybe you think it's too material and not creative or personal enough. Of course, everyone has to decide entirely for themselves what might be the most appropriate gift in their connection to their partner or someone else connected in their life. You know each other best and unfortunately we can't take that decision away from you. However, since you landed on this page, your first gut feeling obviously didn't rule it out that a jewelry gift as a declaration of love would be an option for you and you as a couple. We want to start with this positive gut feeling:

We find jewelry to be one of the most personal and symbolically romantic gifts of all. Throughout history, jewelry has always been exchanged as a proof of love - the wedding ring is probably one of the most common symbol carriers of love. But also in general, jewelry is usually associated with so many personal emotions, stories and memories that it usually carries much more in it as a daily companion than "merely" 18k gold and synthetic diamonds. These not to be despised characteristics of our jewelry define in connection with love gifts at this point simply times as the icing on the cake. Already your motivation to make a personal choice and think about what your partner might like best is very romantic. If you want to add extra depth to your love gift, add an engraving or embossing to the piece of jewelry and preserve your very individual story in it. Is there anything more romantic than the thought of embedding your personal story in sustainable gold and synthetic diamonds?

In addition, we have chosen pieces of jewelry that in their very existence already carry special symbolism of love. We will be happy to explain this symbolism in more detail below. Perhaps a personal meaning can also be reflected on a beautiful card and connected to your love as a handwritten message of love quite individually? If you would like to become even more romantic, you can also combine the giving of your love gift with a joint venture. You alone decide the measure that suits you and you and that best transports your love message.

Unforgettable gifts for your partner: our favorites

JBut now back to the highlights of this journal: our perfect love gifts. They all deserve their own place in this journal - because they stand as beautiful representatives of love and yes, maybe soon for your love too.

Heart pendant as a symbol of your love: Be my Heart

For centuries, the heart has been a universal symbol of love. It is therefore perfect for expressing your love, then and now. Does the person of your heart still make your heart beat like this when you see him or her? Or has the turbulence already been replaced with the wonderful feeling of deep calm, blind trust and a sense of home? Either way, whether it's for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a birthday or no special occasion, giving a heart as a gift and personalizing it with a personalized imprint is a wonderful way to say "I love you": yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Our Be my Heart Pendant is handmade in Germany from 18 carat yellow or rose gold and can be worn as desired on a chain or bracelet. Ideal for this purpose are also the filigree golden Essential Necklace or the silver Milkyway Necklace with golden detail from Maren Jewellery. Do you decide for our Be my Heart Pendant an embossing is of course already included in the price and you can easily choose your desired letter before you put the pendant in your shopping cart.

Heart necklace with eco diamond as a lasting love greeting: A mindful Love

Our beautiful, of course also handmade in Germany. A mindful love Heart Pendant consists of sustainable 18 carat gold and is set with a sparkling synthetic Eco diamond. For us, A mindful love not only stands for love, but rather represents an attitude towards life that we liked so much from the beginning that it has made it into the guiding principle of our company. Let your loved one carry a token of mindful love with them always by giving them this piece of jewelry as a romantic gift.

Cheers to eternal love! Give the gift of our Wilderness Eternity Ring

Also our Wilderness Eternity Ring is also quite wonderful as a romantic love gift in the form of jewelry, because its symbolism leaves no doubt about love. Sparkling labor diamonds, which lovingly nestle around the ring without beginning and without end, stand for the cycle of life, for every day, every shared moment, for your love, which endlessly reinvents itself every day. It is due to the many synth. Diamonds are a special gesture, but their value lasts forever. Gold and diamonds retain their value, the ring can be passed on to subsequent generations and its timeless design matches all other jewelry of the recipient. The proof of love becomes even more personal with an additional engraving. Such a personal note, hidden on the inside edge of the simple eye-catcher, makes it without a doubt a very special love gift.

Each sphere as a symbol of a shared moment: Cosmic Infinity Ring

Tell your personal stories by giving our Cosmic Infinity Ring as a romantic gift to your partner. Similar to the Eternity Ring, the Infinity Ring has no discernible beginning or end and thus represents infinity. Perhaps that of your love. It might be a romantic idea to think of 12 special moments or things that connect you as a couple to go along with the 12 golden spheres of 18 karat gold. You might want to additionally write these down and give this love letter to your significant other along with the ring. The lab-grown diamonds make the ring a valuable piece of jewelry. If you are interested in a simpler version, the Cosmic Dreams ring Cosmic Dreams Ring with only one synth. Diamonds or the sphere ring could be suitable alternatives. Whichever version you choose, a sphere ring is a very special ring, which with its analogy to the stars of our galaxy additionally gains a special, cosmic meaning.

Nothing for you? Engravable jewelry as a gift

We hope you have already found your perfect love gift. If not, in addition to our favorites, we have of course many other engravable jewelry pieces, that you can personalize. Maybe you will find your perfect match in this collection to celebrate your love. Otherwise, of course, you can also order custom made pieces or have existing piece of jewelry customized. We are sure you have a wonderful idea to give a special treat to the person in your heart. Anyway, we celebrate you, your love, your love, our love, any form of love and especially the love of mindfulness: a mindful love.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any jewelry to give to a man as a token of love?

The most important thing first: We find it difficult to address our jewelry to different genders. Because for us it is true that everyone can and should wear anything he or she likes. Nevertheless, based on small surveys and orders received, a certain pattern can be recognized, which we use to simplify your search a bit. That's why you can find our jewelry pieces, which are usually worn by males, here: Jewelry for men. However, we invite you to take a look around our general gift page and break the pattern we just mentioned.

Can I have my love gift wrapped directly by you?

No matter which piece of jewelry you choose as a love gift, you can always choose between two beautiful, sustainable and timelessly designed packaging options: Linen Case and Paper Case. Everything you need to know and pictures of our packaging can be found in this journal about packaging.

Written by: Franka

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