Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts

Personalized gifts as sustainable one of a kind

When we look back, it is above all personalized and thus quite personal gifts, that have given us particularly great pleasure both in receiving them and in giving them as gifts. Why is that? The gesture of gift-giving goes back to the dawn of human history and is thus an integral part of our being. Even when people's thoughts and actions were far more intuitively guided, they expressed their affection, respect and appreciation in this way. And this beautiful and loving gesture has remained with us to this day. Personalized gifts stand out additionally, as they are even a little more emotional: They are personal and unique. The person giving the gift has put special thought into finding a gift that is completely personalized and tailored to the person receiving the gift. A personalized gift becomes a sentimental storyteller of the personal story between the gift-giver and the person receiving the gift.

Personalized jewelry gifts

You know it from Engagement rings and Wedding bands, Friendship bracelets, signet rings or birth chains: jewelry manages to preserve sentimental events and special connections. It has the potential to tell very personal stories for a lifetime and to connect people symbolically.

That alone makes jewelry a wonderful personalized gift, but there are several ways to further enhance that unique quality. Engraving, redesigning or customizing can further deepen the meaning of a jewelry gift. For example, immortalize a very personal message, name, initials or date on your personalized gift to a dear person in your life. With the addition of an extra stone or with a complete custom design, you can use your creativity and turn your very individual ideas into jewelry. At the same time you strengthen the emotional effect of your gift and create a precious unique piece.

Jewelry is worn by the gifted person every day, thus very close to his or her body. It is therefore a daily reminder of the personal message and, in addition to the material preciousness, has an enormous ideal and irreplaceable value.

Personalized gifts and sustainability

Fortunately, sustainability is being taken into account in more and more areas of our daily lives, including gifts. Many people want to give their love for our environment and the relevance of topics such as human rights, climate change or resource consumption a place in gifts as well. We also think that the topics of sustainability and gift giving should definitely be combined. If the giver already puts a lot of effort and personal thought into a personalized gift, it should also be high-quality and durable on the one hand and produced in harmony with our environment on the other. When choosing a sustainable and personalized gift, it is therefore essential to pay attention to points such as the production partners and sites, the materials used, the working conditions of the employees, the corporate philosophy and independent certificates.

Jewelry by Maren Jewellery - Customizable and sustainable

Our jewelry, which is perfect as an individual symbol of very personal stories, is at the same time sustainable to the last detail. Our Sustainability Initiative and our Sustainability Report provide you with transparent and detailed information about our holistic sustainability efforts in the creation of our products.

Even without personalization, our jewelry tells stories of the wonders of our nature: for example, they capture the sound of the seas or the signs of aging in our trees, they reflect in their design the light reflections of our sun or the vastness of our galaxy. Perhaps these wonders of nature can already be wonderfully combined with a personal story between you and the recipient and used for your personal message. But if you need a little more personalization, we offer several services that make this possible.
Whether an engraving, a Redesign or a Custom design: You can individualize our jewelry according to your ideas and adapt it to the recipient. And so make a lasting statement with your gift.

Jewelry suitable for personalized gift

We at Maren Jewellery have some Pieces of jewelry in our selection, which are particularly suitable for personalized gift message or engraving:

Do you know for example our Seed pendant from a-z? Made from German recycled 925 sterling silver, these pendants are wonderful for giving personal messages and memories.

Our Essence Coin pendant made of recycled 18-carat gold can be individually embossed - for even more freedom in customization. And because we really appreciate its potential, we've even dedicated a Styleguide to it.

Most of our sustainable rings offer even more space for emotional memories. Your ideas can be wonderfully immortalized there in various fonts.

Sustainably packaged with personal postcard sent as a gift

We will wrap your personalized gift in a high quality, sustainable packaging out of paper or linen and like to put a Postcard Your choice with personal message to send it directly as a gift or ready to give.

Among our postcards you can choose, depending on the occasion, the appropriate. Be it a thank you card, for a baby birth, to a celebration or as a Declaration of love, we have a beautifully designed card as a perfect addition to your gift.

If you would like to take your gift even further, you can, for example, give our sustainable jewelry care set so that your gift memory of a special moment remains fresh and shiny at all times. As a noble stage for your jewelry gift serves our handmade Jewelry bowl or Jewelry box. So you know your shared memory in the form of a personalized jewelry gift also kept safe when you put it down.

Frequently asked questions

Are jewelry pieces suitable personalized gifts?

Definitely yes! They are unique, personal and testify to the fact that the giver has thought extensively about a suitable gesture for the person receiving the gift. With a personalized gift you can preserve wonderful moments together and tell unforgettable stories over and over again.

Are your postcards that I want to include with the personalized gift also sustainably produced?

All the postcards are made of extra thick paper with Gmund Eco certificate. They are also FSC® certified and only environmentally friendly water-based ink is used for printing.

Written by: Franka

Franka is a freelancer in the fields of marketing and communication and lives with her small family in Munich. She tries to consciously organize her everyday life in order to gradually integrate more sustainability into her life.